An Investigation into 5G and Satellite Industry Supply-Chain Economics and Spectral and Space Asset Value

To produce a definitive economic and technical analysis of the 5G and satellite industry supply chain with an associated forward forecast of future asset and business value and relative competitive positioning.


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  • Document the relative commercial and technical strengths and weaknesses of the 5G and satellite supply chains and relative capitalization ratios
  • Compare with “over-the-top players” (OTT companies) and "web-scale" internet companies (the WICS)
  • Assess the potential influence of the GAFA quartet (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) on future supply chain capitalization and asset distribution
  • Analyze the parallel technical and commercial positioning of the military vendor community
  • Analyze the parallel technical and commercial positioning of the automotive vendor community. And, produce a 5 -year, 10-year and 15-year integrated industry forward forecast of spectral asset value, terrestrial and space asset value, market reach value, and technology value for each of the players in each sector


Telecommunications is a trillion-dollar industry with 5G promoted as the next big enabler of growth both in developed and developing economies. However, this growth will only be achieved if the satellite industry is motivated to share its spectral and space assets including C band and Ku and Ka band spectrum.

Mobile and satellite operators are highly leveraged and are reliant on vendor supply-chain support. “Over-the-top players,” such as Google and Facebook, are starting to invest in access infrastructure and are cash rich. Additionally, the military and the automotive industry are increasingly important stakeholders.

So, the question is: Who will own added value in next- generation mobile broadband?


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