Generation Nation: Redefining America’s Boomers, Xers, Millennials & Gen Z


To provide fresh insights on the real differences and commonalities in post-Obama America among Boomers, Xers, Millennials, and Gen Z with which to equip brands to deeply connect to any or all of these generations.

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The sample of 4,000 will be split in two, to allow for a lengthier questionnaire. What follows is a brief outline of the questionnaire:

• Demographics

• Values and associated behaviors relating to:
• Spending & Retail
• Faith, Family, & Friends
• Love & Romance
• Work & Fun
• Health & Fitness
• Money & Finance
• Politics & Social Issues
• Experimentation & Exploration
• Fashion & Trends
• Technology & Advertising

• Generational Questions (to confirm or debunk common depictions of each cohort), including:
• Work/Life Balance
• Patriotism & Global Citizenship
• Multi-tasking
• Age Aspiration

4,000 total respondents -- 1,000 representing each of the four covered cohorts: Boomers, Xers, Millennials, and Gen Z.

Gen Z: 13-19
Millennials: 20-36
Gen X: 37-52

The sample will be pulled from several of Researchscape's trusted partners. (Researchscape is responsible for the programming and data collection and will be contributing summary analysis, led by 747 Insights.)

- Each co-funder will receive a one-hour telephone consultation with 747 Insights to walk through the findings and to discuss implications into activating these findings within the client's company.

- Buy a second share and receive an in-person presentation of findings at your site (travel expenses billed separately at cost)

Kate danaj

Name: Kate Danaj

Company: 747 Insights

Previous Projects: 2


747 Insights is a boutique research firm that helps clients better understand and make meaningful connections with Millennials and Generation Z. Simply put, we know these generations. And, we’re thrilled to be partnering on this project with other generational experts in order to bring greater insight to understanding these two younger cohorts by examining them within the context of four current American generations.

Founders Kate Danaj and Michael Wood first collaborated as senior researchers at TRU, the pioneer in youth research. With more than 25 years’ collective experience studying these cohorts, they’ve re-teamed to establish 747 Insights. Together, we bring a unique breadth of expertise based on our vast experience consulting with the world’s leading brands and organizations across numerous product and service categories.

Kate Danaj and Michael Wood will be co-leading "Generation Nation" for 747 Insights. They will partnering on this study with Researchscape for programming, data collection, and summary analysis. Jeffrey Henning and Tony Cheevers are leading this project for Researchscape. Peter Zollo, founder and former CEO of TRU (and co-funder of Collaborata) will be collaborating with this team on design and analysis.

- Buy 2 shares and receive an in-person presentation of findings at your site (travel expenses billed separately at cost)
- Want category exclusivity? Make an offer! Simply define your category and name your price (minimum offer $10,500, which is 50% more than the base price) by emailing We'll respond within 24 hours with a go, no-go, or counter (assuming your category is still available).

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Posted 5 months ago

"Generation Nation" has successfully funded. Stay tuned for updates from 747 Insights. And, click on "Refer This Project" to recommend it to friends. If your friends become co-sponsors, you'll get 10% of their spend.

The Pitch

What are the distinguishing values of U.S. Boomers, Xers, Millennials, and Gen Z in today’s post-Obama America? That’s what this first wave of “Generation Nation” will reveal. After all, to truly understand any one of these cohorts, you need to do so within the context of making sense of all four. Only “Generation Nation” provides this scope of generational insight.

“Generation Nation” reveals the essence of each cohort. You’ll learn whether to direct your brand’s efforts based on generation, lifestage, or mindset. And, what generational lines you can safely cross.

No question: America is changing. Generational values are shifting, too. To remain fresh and relevant, marketers need to re-frame how they think about and speak to these four U.S. cohorts.

To view a video about this study, click:

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