Consumer Trends & Lifestyles in the New Megacities

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Megacities have become the dominant social force of the modern world. Yet current research is predominantly conducted at the country-level. Businesses risk missing key insights from these vibrant centers of consumerism, innovation, and emerging trends.

This project identifies trends coming out of these global hubs, while it also serves as a mini "Ominbus" for sponsors (as each sponsor may include three proprietary questions).

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- Employment
- Home Ownership & Living Situation
- Money & Financial Outlook
- Media Usage (on and offline)
- Mobile Usage

- Fashion
- Transportation
- On-Demand Mobility Solutions (ride-hailing, car-sharing, etc.)
- Accommodation Services (e.g. Airbnb, VRBO, etc.)
- Food Delivery Services
- E-Mobility (E-Bikes, Electric Cars etc.)
- Household Renewable Energy Plans
- Sharing Economy / Trusting Behavior
- New Technologies (e.g. virtual reality, home automation, household robots)

Dalia Research sources its sample from more than 40,000 websites and apps in more than 100 countries. Users visit their favorite mobile, tablet, or desktop apps or website and from there are invited to take part in a survey. To ensure broad reach across different demographic groups and geographical regions, Dalia targets a highly diverse set of widely and heavily used app and mobile website categories -- from news to entertainment, sports and games.

The survey will take place in the following cities:
Tokyo–Yokohama, Manila (Metro Manila), Seoul–Gyeonggi–Incheon (Sudogwon), Shanghai, New York City, São Paulo, Mexico City (Valley of Mexico), Paris, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Berlin

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Dalia is a technology-driven company, specialising in understanding global audiences through mobile and web surveys. We are committed to engaging with people in a more natural environment, providing instant, relevant, global insights. Dalia Research is a pioneer in applying targeting and attribution algorithms to survey data collection, enabling large-scale multi-country studies.

Funding partners may insert three questions in the survey and receive their answers on a proprietary basis, including the full set of demographics.
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The Pitch

At the heart of increasing globalization and interconnectedness are megacities -- global hubs from which key lifestyle, consumer, and tech trends emanate.

In 2014, 54% of the world’s population lived in urban areas, a number projected to increase to 66% by 2050.

This research focuses on trends emanating from megacities. As a sponsor, you'll receive the "syndicated" findings pointing to key trends in consumerism, technology, and innovation. And, you'll be able to ask three of your own proprietary questions of this elite, elusive, and powerful sample to give you a competitive edge.

We're limiting participation to six co-sponsors. So, move quickly to be included. If you'd like category exclusivity, make us an offer -- define your "category" and email your price (must be at least 50% over the $7500 base price) to!

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