Generation transformation.

That’s what the pandemic is fueling. Shaping the younger generations, while forever evolving the older ones.

Generational theory says that those transformative events that take place during one’s adolescence shape a cohort’s attitudes, values, and behaviors for a lifetime. Covid-19 is changing generations and disrupting people in all lifestages.

Renowned generational expert Scott Hess, CMO of Spark Foundry, has shared his early thoughts on how the pandemic is changing generations. He’s teamed with Collaborata Chairman Peter Zollo, a widely quoted expert and author on lifestages, to publish an eBook, "Early Thoughts on the Generational and Lifestage Impact on the Pandemic."

"I have seen the value of generational theory in helping large entities develop a thinking framework in which they develop better products, messages, and policies for targeted groups."
- Scott Hess, CMO, Spark Foundry

"Understanding lifestage distinctions is often the key to solving problems that each cohort uniquely experiences."
- Peter Zollo, Chairman, Collaborata

Please download and share the eBook. If you’re inspired to dig deeper, please check out United States of Video: How Video Content Is Impacting Americans’ Brand Discovery and Purchase Decisions and Living on the Edge: A Comprehensive Look into the Characteristics, Psychology, and Behaviors of People Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck

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