Cracking the ‘Black Box’: Unearthing Netflix Viewership (Current Data: Upcoming 12 Months)


Because Netflix doesn’t sell advertising, it’s able to keep private its viewership data, which would provide tremendous insight to competitors and content producers. So, Netflix has successfully remained a “data black hole,” ensuring that there would be no Nielsen-style ratings that would offer competitive intelligence. But now, thanks to Luth Research’s proprietary ZQ Intelligence™ technology, Netflix viewership data is finally available.

This groundbreaking research reveals -- in granular detail based on passive data-collection technology -- who’s digitally viewing specific programming on Netflix, and whether they’re watching on mobile phones, tablets, and/or computers. These data will yield insights to empower brands and media to determine content preferences, audience profiling, marketing tactics, and creative strategies. As reported in Variety: “One of the media business’s best-kept secrets isn’t entirely confidential after all: Netflix audience ratings.”

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Demographic-based weighting has been applied to the sample to maintain a demographically balanced composition.

ZQ Intelligence™ is Luth Research’s patent-pending, cross-platform digital behavior-measurement system. It integrates Luth Research’s research panel with proprietary web and mobile tracking technologies to correlate consumer actions and attitudes. This innovative technology empowers passive tracking of digital behaviors and activities.

Leveraging its proven ZQ Intelligence™ tracking technology, Luth Research passively measures a digital panel of consumers over time. The passive measurement technology captures a wide spectrum of digital data points, including sites and apps sited, video viewing, ad exposure, and in-app measurement. “Cracking the ‘Black Box’: Unearthing Netflix Viewership Data” draws insights from digital viewership data over the course of 12 months on Netflix from computer, smartphone, and tablet. Both website and app data are included and analyzed. Netflix usage and reach-and-frequency data cover computer and both iOS and Android mobile devices. Netflix title level data cover computer and iOS mobile devices; Android is not currently available.

The sample for this ongoing research is a diversified panel of Netflix viewers, providing a strong demographic mix by gender, age, ethnicity, and income level. More than 10,000 panelists on computers and more than 6,000 on mobile devices (phone, tablet) monthly.

The deliverable is a web-based dashboard with logins, which can be accessed anywhere, anytime. The dashboard contains topics of insights corresponding to the outline below. The reports are interactive with filters made available for demographic variables and timeframe. Users may drill down to the desired level of granularity based on research needs and objectives. Title level information can be exported into Excel from the dashboard. Contents of the dashboard can be made available into interactive Tableau Reader files to allow for a wider distribution of the insights across teams.


1. Netflix usage – reach and frequency on computer, mobile phone, and tablet
2. Netflix demographics
3. Netflix titles viewed for each month – complete library of all titles captured for the sample filtered by month
4. Netflix titles viewed with episode and season information
5. Netflix titles viewed with movies, TV shows, and trailers categorized
6. Netflix titles viewed with viewers, viewing frequency, and duration

NOTE: Project deliverable is available immediately.

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Luth Research has been a market-research leader since 1977, and continues to make groundbreaking advancements in next-generation customer intelligence. Powered by its proprietary international research panel, Luth creates the innovative technology and research methods required for businesses to thrive. From traditional research to tracking digital behavior, Luth Research blends research expertise with proprietary data collection resources to offer insights not accessible elsewhere. Luth Research is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and adheres to industry regulations as established by AMA, MRA, ESOMAR, CASRO and ARF.

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The Pitch

As reported in Variety*, this never-before-available data “provides a rare glimpse into viewing patterns on Netflix, which has frustrated many in its refusal to divulge audience data. That’s proved problematic for producers creating original programming for Netflix and for the studios that pocket billions of dollars in licensing fees from the company.”

This new research solves this problem, yielding essential insights into everything from the rising competition for TV audiences and content providers’ distribution strategies to the creation of original programming and licensing negotiations.

Luth Research’s ZQ Intelligence™ cross-platform tracking technology offers the industry’s first opportunity to examine title-level Netflix viewership data together with audience profiles across platforms.

(Buy either the current data for the upcoming 12-month period for $125,0000, offered in this listing, or the historical data, listed separately on Collaborata, for $29,500. NOTE: The historical data presents 12 months viewership, beginning six months from current.)

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