Hacking Longevity: A Three-Generation Perspective on Living to 100-Plus

Your "strategic guidebook" for serving the longevity economy. Revealing fresh insights when it comes to aging -- including the similarities, differences, and nuances -- among Xers, Boomers, and members of the Silent Generation


The Business of Aging


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To date, increased longevity has been treated as conceptual and aspirational, as in, “What will you do with 30 extra years?” Most of what we know about this expansion is anecdotal, even though we see and are experiencing seismic shifts at every stage of life.


  • Identify changes and adaptations in life-stage patterns; codify these shifts for future comparisons and study
  • Understand the implications of increased longevity on the nature of families, their structure and behavior (i.e., Is there a true multigenerational effect?) and their planning for longer lives
  • Explore related challenges and issues when it comes to the workplace, housing, finances, education, and particularly leisure
  • Bring insights to bear on late-in-life planning, including giving, legacy, housing, end of life
  • Understand how different generations view personal fulfillment at their life stage and in the context of longevity


Rather than approaching this as an “aging” study, we are viewing these shifts -- some subtle and some quite large -- with a fresh eye. We want to understand how people are “hacking longevity” and if and how the promise of longer life informs plans and thinking.

This study is designed to frame the issues for brands and organizations who want to play an active role in serving the longevity economy in meaningful, informed ways.


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• In-person presentation of findings at your site by Lori Bitter (travel expenses billed separately at cost), including strategic consultation

• Consultative phone call following presentation with your team and Lori Bitter

• Full reporting, as detailed within this posting plus customized strategic leave-behinds

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• One invitation to AARP's "Living 100" event on April 12, 2018, in Washington D.C., where the research will be debuted

• WebEx presentation of findings for your organization with Lori Bitter

• Full reporting, as detailed within this posting

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SILVER: $9,500
• Group WebEx presentation of findings led by Lori Bitter (to be attended by other co-funders)

• Full reporting, as detailed within this posting

• PRICE: $9,500

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Lori Bitter, who's leading this "dream project," is truly enlightening. She's designed this project as foundational learning for brands and organizations in all categories serving the aging population. If this is a critical market for you, please read on and request a call with Lori.