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Find out how consumers feel about your brand in today's political climate


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Only 10% of Americans think “the system” is working. What is their new dream?
Political prejudice today is bigger than racism. What is safe elevator talk today? One out of two Millennials say they have taken concrete action on an issue that’s important to them. What will it take for a brand to walk the talk, knowing that 79% of Americans think business can be a force for positive social and environmental change. Are you game?


  • To present a thorough understanding of the relevant social tensions and trends shaping US society
  • To dimensionalize the role brands and companies can assume within this context
  • To produce a framework for companies to strategically plan brand action in a relevant way
  • To provide brand communication do´s and dont´s within the context of this research


This project will help you answer these questions and more. We believe brands play an important role in shaping lives in this shuffling context, and we want to help you navigate it in the right way.

Sponsor this project to access original learnings built from experts’ point of view and BMC's extensive experience.


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