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To provide an understanding of the potential impact on consumers, brands and companies of the current US social, political and cultural landscape.

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Qualitative: 11 In-depth interviews with Academic and Industry leaders

Desk research: Review of 100-plus articles, papers, studies

Brand cases: 10-plus cases from brands with a relevant social/political point of view

Academic and brand experts' perspective based on the current political and social situation in the United States inform our recommendations.


Economics - Carlos Waisman - Professor at University of California, San Diego
Society & Culture - Grant McCracken - Leading Cultural Anthropologist
Consumption - Henry Grabar - Journalist at Slate
Politics - Gladden Pappin - Research Fellow and Senior Adviser at the University of Notre Dame
Culture - Gus Garcia-Roberts - Investigative Reporter at Newsday


Adrienne Martin - Regional Strategy Director at RedFuse
Andrea Young - Vice-President Global Marketing, Strategy & Innovation - The McDonald's Division at The Coca-Cola Company
Jamie Gordon - Director, Human and Cultural Insights at SCOUT Marketing
Omar Schoijet - Head of Marketing Insights and Analytics at Twitter
Pablo Kennedy - Marketing Transformation Director at The Coca-Cola Company
Tom LaForge - Former Global Director of Human and Cultural Insights at The Coca-Cola Company

We have taken a hybrid approach to conducting this study by leveraging expert input, desk research, and carrying out in-depth qualitative interviews with academic and business leaders.

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Name: Keidi Kõiv

Company: BMC Strategic Innovation

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At BMC, we have more than 20 years of experience in understanding global and local contexts, their underlying trends and social tensions, and their tangible impact on business.

Anne McAllester - Consumer, Shopper & Trend Insight Expert (former K&I Coca-Cola)
Daryl Weber - Brand & Innovation Strategist (ex Global Director Creative Strategy and Planning Coca-Cola
Matías Prieto - BMC Global Content Director. Expert in Social Sciences and Communications
Luciana Carnero - BMC Global Project Leader. Psychologist. Master in Cultural Theories and Social Sciences.
Deborah Glasman - BMC Global Project Assistant. Marketing Specialist .
Gabriel Vommaro - PhD in Sociology
Mariana Gené - PhD in Sociology
Ethan Earle - Political Scientist & MA in International Relations

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The Pitch

Only 10% of Americans think “the system” is working. What is their new dream?
Political prejudice today is bigger than racism. What is safe elevator talk today?

One out of two Millennials say they have taken concrete action on an issue that’s important to them. What will it take for a brand to walk the talk, knowing that 79% of Americans think business can be a force for positive social and environmental change. Are you game?

This project will help you answer these questions and more. We believe brands play an important role in shaping lives in this shuffling context, and we want to help you navigate it in the right way.

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