A Love Letter to Analog Experiences for a Fast-Paced, Digital World

In our high-speed, digital world, analog experiences remain a thriving and rich counterculture with enduring appeal and deep emotional connection making them ripe to explore, understand, and learn from.


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We live in fast times: 24/7 news cycles, online grocery and meal delivery, online personal shoppers, Spotify curation, apps, and more. Many brands and businesses focus on speed to market, adaptability, scalability and message around benefits of quickness, ease of use, and convenience. And yet....there is enduring resistance to the accelerated pace in which we live as evidenced by social media diets, the slow food movement, the maker movement and their like.

People long for authentic connection and gravitate towards brands and experiences that speak to curiosity and spark true emotion. People long for the offbeat, the unpredictable, a sense of discovery. There's a thriving counterculture growing around high-touch experiences that offer them--think independent bookstores, vending machine and outdoor art, bullet journaling, curiosity shops, quirky Main Streets, purveyors of pie, and more. In the face of mounting pressure to be faster, bigger, cheaper, global, many are redefining success as small, independent, boutique and quirky. We'll explore and understand the cult of analog, what's driving it, and the lessons we can borrow or adapt from knowing their secrets of success and enduring appeal.


  • Deep-dive exploration into thriving analog trends, businesses, experiences, movements, and categories
  • Understand the drivers of analog appeal, and what's at the core of them
  • Explore analog experiences as a means of authentic connection and relationship development
  • Dig into the success ingredients and key influencers of enduring analog experiences
  • Identify seeds of analog trends - what's news, emerging and interesting in the analog space


Join us for a deep exploration of the cult of analog experiences, brands, and categories as well as their influencers, advocates, and fans to understand what our fast-paced world can learn from the enduring, countercultural appeal of analog experiences.

Methodology: Qualitative

Qualitative Design

Design Rationale:

We've done projects like this before and have found that this type of approach draws out rich insight, in full-vibrancy and color.


Colorful, engaging, documentary-style interviews married with local safaris to bring each market and the people in those communities to life.

Number of research sessions (or interviews) by specific approach:

In each market, we will do an analog safari, visiting a selection of and documenting the scene surrounding the markets' most offbeat, quirky, and 'highly local' businesses, places, spaces, and events and talk with the people we find there. This won't be based on a Google search--we want to go to the places the insiders know and recommend....the places that keep it unique and weird. In each market, we'll stop in at record stores, curiosity shops, outsider art/galleries, maker/crafter community spaces, pie shops, indie bookstores, boutiques and more.

In each market, we'll conduct a total of five depth interviews, including:
- 3 interviews with locally-recognized and revered analog 'experts'/influencers
- 5 consumer interviews including two who are strong analog experience advocates and three who are analog fans

Interviews will be 90 minutes minimum. Or, if over pie/coffee, may be more free-ranging and longer.

Qualitative Research Target

Gender: 50% Male, 50% Female

Ethnicity: Approximates national population distribution

Ages: 25 to 75

Behavioral/Lifestyle Screening:

We're looking to find those who have hearteyes for analog experiences - journalers, artists, crafters, makers, bakers and more. We'll screen for interests, passions, and active support of/heavy involvement with analog brands, experiences, and categories.

Additional Demographic Screening:

Varied mix of ethnographic, educational, professional backgrounds, as well as lifestages and experiences.

Geography: US Only; Approximates national population distribution

Number of Markets: 3

Specific Markets:

We'll be looking towards inclusion of geographically-distinct markets with strong and vibrant presence of independent, analog businesses and analog-friendly subcultures including: Austin, TX; Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN; and New Orleans, LA or Cleveland, OH.



Presentation: None

Additional Deliverables:

The final deliverable will be a full-PPT report chock-full of insight, findings, themes, and implications, supported with photos, quotes, and possibly video clips to illustrate points and bring them to life. Part research presentation, part documentary, part perspective piece, this deliverable will make you feel like you were on-scene and provide general thoughtstarters about opportunities and ways to translate learning into business decisions.

Funding Timeline (once project is approved): 60 days

Timing: 9 weeks from funding to delivery of final report


Company: Good Run Research & Recreation

Previous Projects: 2

Rating: Supplier has not been rated

Supplier's Qualifications:

We're masters of rich, insightful, and unconventional research learning. We've been doing this awhile and we're GOOD at it.

Learn more about our chops and our sensibility by checking out out at www.goodrunresearch.com

Supplier's Team:

You'll get the most dynamic research duo there is:

Angie Stahl - SVP & Partner - Storytelling Savant +
Jess Moyer - SVP & Partner - Moderating Maven


All co-funders: input into third market (Cleveland? NOLO? Somewhere else?). Also, input into the interview guide so that we cover off on topics/themes most relevant to your business, brand or category.

First two co-funders: We'll make a stop at a place of your choice for each market.

Co-funders buying 2+ shares: We'll do a one-page custom addendum of key takeaways, applications, and customized recos from our POV that are specific to your brand, business or category.


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