Africa's Monthly Consumer Confidence Index - The KIC Score

Reveals how consumers feel about their national economies in seven key African countries


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According to McKinsey, the African consumer market will reach $1.2 trillion by 2020. The African consumer has unique habits and aspirations not well understood. In many parts of the world, public and private surveys track consumer confidence and sentiment to guide business decisions for consumer-focused companies and to convey a sense of the economic climate.

Some African countries produce consumer confidence indices compiled by chambers of commerce and government statistical offices.


  • Provide data-based guide for investment strategy with consumers from major consumption centers in Africa.
  • Distribute monthly trending reports of consumer confidence in multiple cities in Africa. Fresh data set on current, future, city and personal economic conditions, intentions and expectations.
  • Contextualize current consumer-confidence levels with historical data.
  • Analyze demographic breakdown of consumer confidence to provide a complete picture of the African urban, middle-class consumer.


There has never been a consumer-confidence tracker uniformly measured among the seven African countries that have the largest urban populations and middle class. If you sell your products in Africa, the KIC score should be a critical component of your marketing and sales strategies.

Methodology: Qualitative/Quantitative

Design Rationale:

The KIC Score boils down to a single metric. For each question, the final metric is a balance measure of the percentage of positive responses minus the percentage of negative responses. The overall score is an average across all the questions.

Qualitative Design

Number of research sessions (or interviews) by specific approach:

Monthly online surveys (13 questions)

Qualitative Research Target

Gender: 60% Male, 40% Female

Ages: 18 to 60

Number of Markets: 7

Quantitative Design

Number of Interviews: 500

Interview Length: 20 minutes

Quantitative Research Target

Gender: 60% Male, 40% Female

Ages: 18 to 60

Additional Demographic Screening:

Urban dweller, middle class, Educated, Connected, Tech savvy


Reporting: Topline Report; Summary Report

Presentation: Web-based

Additional Deliverables:

Spreadsheet (xls, csv)

Timing: Available Immediately


Company: KASI Insight

Previous Projects: 1

Rating: Supplier has not been rated

Supplier's Qualifications:

KASI Insight is Africa's most innovative research and advisory firm that provides reliable consumer data and actionable insights from Africa. KASI Insight relies on the biggest grassroots network of data hubs to reach the urban middle class of Africa. More so, each of the consumer responses we deliver result from an actual encounter with the consumer by any of our extended hubs.

Since 2015, we have collected close to 1.5 million responses and worked on a wide range of projects in the areas of mobile banking, shopping habits, ad-campaign testing, brand tracking, gap analysis, opinion polling, sensitivity and satisfaction, product usage, business-concept validation, lending, and mobile app usage in the biggest countries in Africa.

Supplier's Team:

Yannick Lefang, CEO KASI Insight


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