"Battle of the Brands" (with detailed report, including custom slides and personal consultation)

Compare your brand to your competition: Which resonates the deepest (and why) with Millennials and Gen Z? (detailed report)


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How does your brand compete with others in the battle to win today’s youth?

Brands that succeed with this key demo of Millennial and Gen Z consumers can enjoy their loyalty for years to come. This 13- to 24-year-old group is often given short shrift by brands that have a more adult target. That can prove to be short-sighted thinking. Teens and young adults not only spend significant amounts of their own money, they also influence the spending of parents, siblings, and other adults in their lives.


  • Compare and contrast the relative strengths across a variety of measures of 57 youth-oriented brands. (See "Additional Deliverables" below for a full list of the 57 measured brands -- from Axe to YouTube!")
  • See how your brand is "personalized" -- learn where it statistically maps across 32 brand personality dimensions.
  • Discover how the 57 brands fare on the key measures of Awareness, Brand Interaction, Brand Connection, Brand Popularity, and Motivation.
  • Take away key insights into why some brand succeed, while others struggle, with these Millennials and Gen Z consumers.
  • These brands have been selected from a wide range of categories, including social causes, media and entertainment, retail, technology, and consumer packaged goods.


They are the adult shoppers of the future; building a relationship with them now can translate into loyalty that lasts their lifetime. This study shows you exactly where your brand fares among this critical cohort right now, and what you need to do increase young consumers' engagement with your brand. Become a co-sponsor of this actionable today! Increase your brand's youth standing tomorrow.


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