Capturing Health & Wellness Growth Opportunities in a Shifting Landscape: A High-Level Consumer Paradigm for Insights and Activation

Deliver a high level, integrated set of strategic, opportunity-focused insights into the broader range of consumer health and wellness habits, practices and mindsets that are operant in Food and Beverage consumption, Food Preparation, Dietary behaviors and Health regimens. Holistically understand how and why these high level cross-category behaviors occur, with a focus on the underlying segmentation and generation cohort opportunity targets that drive differences across the spectrum of H&W behaviors.




10% funded

10% for you,
10% for your friend


  • Quantify the full spectrum of food and beverage consumption/preparation repertoires and ingredient behaviors.
  • Determine the co-incidences of weight management, food/dietary plans, exercise routines, reliance on coaches, programs, digital media with food and beverage behaviors.
  • Identify the life styles, attitudes, mindsets, emotions and meta segmentations that drives the above behaviors.
  • Understand the degree to which choices are influenced by digital and other information sources.
  • Assess the impact of demographics and health status on H&W choices.


Consumer focus on food and beverage “health profiles” is just beginning to catch on in the mainstream – with the trend surely heading to its “tipping point” (nod to Malcolm Gladwell)! The companies who lead the charge in offering consumers a way to be healthy while continuing to enjoy the “feel good” flavors and experiences they crave will win. Knowing where to focus efforts is, arguably, the most important in a string of important strategic decisions you will need to make.
Recognizing current marketplace trends, this research initiative is specifically designed to help companies understand how to deliver on the "real" consumer wants, even in the face of negative perceptions of “bigness” and “processed”. The intended use of the results will be to help co-funders enhance and complement what they are currently bringing to market/developing and show how cross-functional areas (sales, marketing, R&D, etc.) can synergistically benefit as well.


We will be happy to conduct in-person presentations for the 1st two co-funders. (We’ll extend this offer to three co-funders if one of the first two co-funcers purchases two funding shares).

Also, we’ll give the 9th and 10th co-funders 1-2 proprietary structured questions, as a thanks for getting this project over the “ finish line.”


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