Clean Label: An in-depth understanding of consumer perceptions of “clean label” products

This recently-completed project examined consumer perceptions, behaviors and attitudes of clean label products.


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Clean label refers to food and beverage products containing natural, familiar, simple ingredients that are easy to recognize, understand, and pronounce. No artificial ingredients or synthetic chemicals are listed. Americans have been trending toward clean eating for a while, and this behavior has moved into other categories like personal care and home goods.


  • Discover critical Insights into consumers’ conscious and subconscious emotions utilizing Martec’s proprietary Emotion Intelligence© tool
  • Reveal a deep understanding of consumers’ attitudes, needs, and motivations specific to clean label products
  • Provide an in-depth segmentation analysis, comparing unique personas within the general population


This original project provides an overview of consumer perceptions of the term “clean label” while analyzing this impact on purchase behavior.
Through a multi-point methodology that is comprised of a quantitative survey, qualitative interviews, and emotion mining, this actionable project will profiles unique personas in order to help you better understand and target your consumer audience.

Methodology: Qualitative/Quantitative

Qualitative Research Target

Gender: 50% Male, 50% Female

Ethnicity: Approximates national population distribution

Ages: 18 to 73

Quantitative Design

Number of Interviews: 1000

How Sample will be Segmented:

Standard statistical significance testing on scaled questions:
-- 2-step cluster analysis to identify segments and develop personas
-- Emotion Intelligence analysis (proprietary tool) to map and quantify emotions associated with clean label/ingredient labels

Quantitative Research Target

Gender: 35% Male, 65% Female

Ethnicity: Approximates national population distribution

Ages: 18 to 73

Geography: US Only; Approximates national population distribution


Reporting: Formal Report

Presentation: None

Additional Deliverables:

1-hour telecon presentation with Martec’s project team included.

Pricing and Deliverable Options
$5,000: Report only
$7,000: Report + a presentation/Q&A with the project team
$9,000: Report + a presentation/Q&A with the project team + custom follow-up

Timing: Available Immediately


Company: The Martec Group

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Supplier's Qualifications:

The Martec Group is a global market research firm headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. With over 35 years of experience, Martec is well-equipped to provide actionable intelligence to leading companies worldwide.


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