Connecting Your Brand with Consumer Conscience

The following concept is in early-stage development. If you would like to help influence its final design, please contact the team at Collaborata.


It’s not enough these days for brands to deliver only on product, price, and promotion. Today’s consumers “say” they want to choose and connect with brands at a higher level, but brands struggle to find that common ground when it comes to connecting to the “social good.”

Methodological Considerations

We envision the following three phases:

1. Secondary research-sharing with co-sponsors to examine what’s working and what’s not; to develop hypotheses to test; and to understand co-sponsors’ priorities

2. Qualitative research at scale to gain an in-depth understanding of consumers’ perspective when it comes to brands and social good

3. Survey research to quantify the qualitative learnings and to walk away with an empirical set of guidelines, with appropriate nuance, for brands to leverage in planning and executing a social-good strategy and campaign

Preliminary Objectives

  • Gain fresh insight into how brands can and are connecting with consumers based on social good and advocacy
  • Identify pitfalls to avoid while aligning touchpoints to tell a cohesive, genuine story about your brand within the frame of consumer conscience
  • Understand the keys to authenticity by uncovering the guideposts for sharing your story with consumers
  • Understand how consumers perceive the importance of sustainability for brands across industries and verticals
  • Identify the role consumers want to play in a purpose-driven brand, including where they might want to fit into a feedback loop


Consumers are smarter, more knowledgeable, and are making more purchase decisions based on their values than ever before. But they're also cynical of hollow tugs at their heartstring. Values-based decisions by brands can often backfire on the one hand, by alienating those consumers whose values don't align, while also coming off as less than genuine with those consumers who do share similar values. It's critical for brands to understand that threshold - what values can brands highlight that will help align that brand with their consumers in an impactful and authentic way.