Generation Nation 2020: What You Don't Know About Gen Z, Millenials, Gen X & Boomers

In this time of profound political, cultural and technological change, brands need to better understand how consumers themselves are changing. Generational distinctions tell a valuable story, enabling brands to anticipate what’s next. But these differences tell only part of the story. “Generation Nation 2020” shows where generation intersects with lifestage. And, by examining the unique dynamics of your category, you’ll see opportunities to more resonantly connect with your own consumer of today and tomorrow.


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What are the distinguishing values of Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers? And, and how are these values manifesting themselves in consumer behavior?

Join other leading brands and organizations in sponsoring the third iteration of “Generation Nation,” as it builds and expands upon the first two years’ learning to unveil new, transformative generational insights.

Whether you’re focusing on Gen Z or Gen X, Millennials or Boomers, in order to truly understand any one of these powerful cohorts, you need to do so within the context of making sense of all four.


  • Gain fresh, relevant insights into these four cohorts and what these insights mean to your brand
  • Understand where lifestage intersects with generation
  • Dive deeply into four hot-topic themes through a generational lens: Trust & Authenticity; Sustainability & Consumer Conscience; Influencers & New-Media Marketing; and Omnichannel
  • Filter all this data by your brand and category data, including: Health, Wellness & Beauty; Entertainment & Media; Financial Services; and Travel & Leisure
  • Expand upon current intelligence about these four cohorts, cutting to the core of what it means to be an American consumer in 2020


There’s no doubt that America is changing in profound ways. Generational values are shifting, too -- and at a faster pace than we've ever seen. To better connect with one or more of these four generations, brands need to fully grasp how and why emotions and behaviors are changing. You'll be surprised. No study does this better -- with greater richness and nuance -- than "Generation Nation."

To serve and succeed with one or more of these four cohorts -- Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers -- you'll need the deepest, most current insights. Over the past three years, “Generation Nation” has become the most innovative and strategic look at how consumers are changing and how to get out ahead of and harness this change.

Methodology: Qualitative/Quantitative

Design Rationale:

A primary goal of this research is to understand each of these cohorts more insightfully within the context of all four generations. Significant "pre" qualitative experience has informed the questionnaire and the analysis. And, a new artificial-intelligence-powered qualitative component has been added. This study has been designed to be repeated and expanded annually through Collaborata.


In addition to a robust quantitative study, this research leverages Quester’s proprietary "chatbot moderator" driven by artificial intelligence, revealing rich qualitative context, interwoven with the quantitative insights. Analysts will combine the quantitative data, “quantified” linguistic analysis on consumer language, and generational expertise to tell a rich and compelling story about each of these four generations.

Qualitative Design

Qualitative Research Target

Gender: 50% Male, 50% Female

Ethnicity: Approximates national population distribution

Ages: 13 to 74

Geography: US Only; Approximates national population distribution

Quantitative Design

Number of Interviews: 4000

Interview Length: 30 minutes

How Sample will be Segmented:

4,000 total respondents -- 1,000 representing each of the four covered cohorts:

• Gen Z (Ages 13 to 22)
• Millennials (Ages 23 to 38)
• Generation X (Ages 39 to 54)
• Boomers (Ages 55-73)

Sample Source:

The sample will be supplied by Quester’s trusted partners.

Quantitative Research Target

Gender: 50% Male, 50% Female

Ethnicity: Approximates national population distribution

Ages: 13 to 74

Geography: US Only; Approximates national population distribution


Reporting: Formal Report

Presentation: In-person

Cost for individual on-site presentation:

Additional Deliverables:

• Executive Summary & Analysis

• Smart, lively in-person presentation of key findings delivered at your site (included in price, except for travel expenses, billed at cost) by expert Michael Wood

• Insightful, compelling art-directed report from the former TRU team now collaborating at 747 Insights, Collaborata, and Pangborn Design

• Data and reporting delivered through an exclusive Collaborata portal on KnowledgeHound, allowing your full team ready access to all deliverables and the ability to easily search and visualize the data (training offered by KnowledgeHound and Collaborata)

Funding Timeline (once project is approved): 30 days

Timing: Available Immediately


Company: 747 Insights and Quester

Previous Projects: 3


Supplier's Qualifications:

This project is led by generational experts from 747 Insights and Quester.

747 INSIGHTS is a boutique research firm that helps businesses, associations, and educational institutions better understand and make meaningful connections with their constituents. They bring a unique depth of generational expertise to this project based on their vast experience leading qualitative and quantitative research projects and consulting with the world’s leading brands and organizations across numerous product and service categories.

QUESTER brings its unique and valuable proprietary technology and sophisticated analysis and reporting talents to benefit this second wave of "Generation Nation." True pioneers in the field of marketing research, Quester creates deep conversations with consumers where the qualitative is driven by artificial intelligence. Their curiosity drives them to dig deep into the heart, mind, and soul of consumers, to move beyond data points to real depth. Their rich “qualitative-at-scale” component is an invaluable addition to the project.

Peter Zollo and Ben Graham from Collaborata consulted with the team on study design, scope and analysis.

Supplier's Team:

Michael Wood, 747 Insights (subject-matter expert & presenter)
Tim Hoskins, Quester (research lead)
Ben Graham, Collaborata
Andrea Joss, Quester
Peter Zollo, Collaborata
Oliver Pangborn, Pangborn Design


-- Category deep dive: $5,000 each

-- Proprietary questions: $2,500 for two quant, one qual

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