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The Global Innovation Index is the definitive guide to understanding where innovation is thriving by identifying the countries for your business to expand or invest in, weighing where regulations are pro-business, technology is prevalent, the workforce is educated, and businesses are appropriately adopting risk.


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As companies seek to maintain a competitive advantage, they must identify which countries provide the greatest opportunity, either for new market expansion or to establish a manufacturing or services hub or an innovation center. These decisions require weighing a wide range of factors.

In today’s world, talent is the scarce resource that companies compete for. Working-age populations in many developed countries are shrinking, while established emerging markets are seeing labor costs rise. The regulatory environment is shifting as a wave of protectionist policies has overtaken the globe. Businesses are being pressured by investors to realize short-term profits, sometimes at the expense of new product and policy innovation.

This research report will enable your organization to make better decisions about expanding or growing its global presence. We examine the regulatory regimes, talent bases, educational frameworks, macro environments, and business risk environments in over 50 countries by creating a customized scorecard and country ranking model to meet your specific business needs.


  • Provide a guide for strategic global investment decisions centered on innovation and talent
  • Select and develop key metrics of countries’ standing on several innovation, competitiveness, and economic stability pillars
  • Model a synthetic index to rank countries based on these metrics
  • Analyze the innovation environment in each ranked country
  • Define a selection of outcomes specific to your needs


This research will define which countries provide an innovative, business-friendly and economically stable investment environment. If you are considering market entry or expanding operations outside of your home country, this research will prove to be an essential part of your due diligence. If you are within a country trying to attract new business investment, this research will provide a roadmap for success. If you are looking to show customers that you have a grasp of the global business environment for innovation, this research will prove an invaluable tool.

The research project leads have over 40 combined years of experience in global economics, market research, and business strategy for a diverse set of companies from startups to the Fortune 500.  We look forward to working with you.

Methodology: Qualitative/quantitative


Deliverable Overview:

Deliverables will include the following:

Executive Guide on Global Innovation, tailored to your organization's objectives
- 12-15 pages​
- Summary of ranked countries' macro environment and impact on business decisions ​
- Broad trends​
- Best/worst performers for each individual pillar

Country Profiles for each country
- 1-2 pages each​
- Summary of country's macro environment and main advantages/disadvantages from an investment/innovation perspective​
- 1-2 tables/charts to visualize each country's position in the global rankings

One-hour video conference presentation with the project leads

A PDF of presentation slides

Opportunity to have the presentation in-person and customized for your particular needs and organization (extra fee)

Further consultation with your team and/or your customers can be negotiated as needed.

Reporting: Formal Report; Topline Report; Summary Report

Presentation: Both web-based and in-person


Company: Strategecon and Annunziata & Desai Advisors​

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Supplier's Qualifications:

Marco Annunziata, Ph.D., analyzes the interplay of innovation and global economic trends and assesses the impact on business models and strategies. He has worked in policy, finance and industry -- most recently as GE's Chief Economist and Head of Business Innovation Strategy. 

Marco served on the Board of Advisors on Information Technology of Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; as Entrepreneur in Residence at GE Ventures and a Research Fellow at Autodesk.
Marco is a TED speaker, author of "The Economics of the Financial Crisis", a two-time winner of the Rybczynski Prize for best paper in business economics, and has been published in the Harvard Business Review and other business and financial publications.

Marco received his PhD in economics from Princeton.

JP Soltesz is a strategic marketing and investment manager with over 25 years of proven excellence. He has directed the market research and strategy development activities of global companies spanning a wide-array of industries, including manufacturing, financial services, technology, engineering, and more. He was a senior member of the Global Market Intelligence team at GE, serving as an advisor to leadership, other internal stakeholders and customers.

JP has directed projects and thought leadership on topics including Innovation, Technology, and Public Policy. He has presented insights on the correction in global oil prices, the Industrial Internet of Things, Advanced Manufacturing and AI at events across the globe.

JP has authored several white papers and blogs, including on the impact Advanced Manufacturing will have on the global economy and workforce, and the impact the next recession will have on the Gig Economy.
JP received an MBA from Crummer Business School at Rollins College

Supplier's Team:

Annunziata & Desai Advisors
Strategecon LLC


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