How Professional Appearance of Employees Impacts Your Brand

Does employee appearance affect sales?


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Much in customer experience talks about digital transformation. Many companies are focusing their customer experience efforts on improving their website and developing a mobile app. These are certainly important business opportunities. However, a business can not forget about the basics. The world has gone very casual and different generations have different opinions of what a professional appearance is.


  • To provide actionable insight into how consumers react to the appearance of the employees that are helping them.
  • To help companies define the appearance code for their employees


This study will look at the generational (Millennial, Gen x, Boomers) definitions of a professional appearance. Specifically, we will look at tattoos, piercings, facial hair, jewelry and clothing to determine what is considered okay for a professional appearance and what is not. We will look at these professional appearance definitions by gender. The industry sectors we will look at include retail, finance, hotel and restaurants. Most importantly, we will determine if a non-professional look affects the purchase behavior.


Web-based presentation will be provided to each co-funder upon request only. Data tables will be provided to all co-funders.

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