Live Events in the Covid Era

In order to innovate for the “new normal” of live events, a deep understanding of the varying comfort levels that different groups of Americans feel when it comes participating in live events is essential to capture.


Live entertainment events have been hit hard by the pandemic. Concerts, theater, sports, and movies are in crisis mode, as businesses and organizations are trying innovative ways to remain open while being safe.

Preliminary Objectives

  • Create a “Live Event Comfort Level Index” that measures different types and formats of live events, segmented by consumer segments
  • Size and segment Americans based on their comfort level
  • Create a blueprint based on successful innovation that has already been tested, potential new areas of innovation, and how these models can be applied across category to engage and expand the consumer base


Pitch: At this point in the pandemic, it’s quite clear that certain behaviors are changing for the long-term. It’s also clear that there’s a wide range of comfort levels with engaging in public activities among Americans. This project will size and segment different groups of Americans related to their comfort of engaging in a variety of public activities and live events. This research will provide brands and organizations with an indispensable tool toward creating live events that can succeed among targeted consumer segments, while also revealing innovation opportunities that will make more cautious consumers more comfortable in re-engaging with your organization’s live events.