Navigating to a New Normal | An Insight-Led Activation Workshop

Get ready! The New Normal is almost here. What will be different with your consumers in the post-pandemic world? It could be everything or nothing. Instead of waiting around for it to happen, get ahead of the curve with this workshop to synthesize data that diagnoses where your business should focus in order to learn, do, and invest going forward. It’s never too early to be ready to adapt to change.


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Brands need to find their paths forward coming out of the pandemic as behavior changes loom on the horizon. This analysis/workshop program takes your existing data, synthesizes it with existing data and analysis from Ignite 360’s groundbreaking “Navigating to a New Normal” study, painting a portrait of your consumer. Then we workshop the learning to bring the focus of the business activity on where it will be most impactful -- from learning agendas to planning process, marketing/comms and more.


  • Synthesize existing client data around changing consumer behaviors
  • Integrate with Ignite 360’s “Navigating to a New Normal” quant and qual data
  • Inform planning for post-pandemic business
  • Internalize and socialize


Consumers are about to undergo another seismic shift in the coming months as herd immunity is achieved and life returns to an unfamiliar normal. With 48% of those who currently work from home (due to the pandemic) saying they want to work from home more than they did before the pandemic, that shift in where and how people choose to spend their time and money will ripple across the economy. Here's a telling datapoint: Nearly as many people want to go to the movies more in the future as those who want to go less often (compared to pre-pandemic lifestyles). Is it possible that consumers are moving in two different directions? Yes! Because they’ve now been re-segmented based on their level of risk aversion and concern about germs.

Businesses need to get ahead of this and be ready for what’s coming. Otherwise, you’ll likely be caught off guard like many were in Spring 2020.

This workshop shares insights on what is known and anticipated, combining proprietary data with client data and knowledge as well as other secondary data sources to create a working picture of the future that enables sharper planning and identifies the questions that will need to be answered.


Application Workshop with inputs of client data, category, brand analysis and insights from Ignite 360's ongoing tracker and qual study.

Project Design

Design Rationale:

The analysis and workshop method will help clients pivot their way to the future.

The workshops are held virtually. Our recommended best practice is to spread these workshops over two consecutive days (mornings recommended), 3-4 hours each, to provide time to reflect and minimize “Zoom fatigue”.

Specific workshop agenda is designed custom to each client’s needs but will generally follow this cadence:

- Introductions
- Personal “Crystal Ball” Projections of the Future
- Share-Out of Custom Analysis and "Navigating to a New Normal" learning
- Teams Share Observations
- Build-Out of Implications for Future Business
- Implication Prioritization
- Action Planning Based on Prioritized Implications
- Identification of Knowledge Gaps

Project Research Target

Additional Demographic Screening:

Qual: n=16 US adults in ongoing longitudinal 1:1 conversations – currently every 2 weeks for 60-75 minutes per interview. Participants ranging in age from 21-71, spread across ethnicity, geography, age, income, and education. More than 500 hours of interviews recorded since launching April 3, 2020 and continuing.

Client-provided data: Up to 6 data sets or reports in read-ready format


Reporting: Topline Report

Presentation: Web-based

Additional Deliverables:

Deliverable to include report on analysis phase as well as output from the workshop.

Report to include a synthesized share-out of the data sets or reports including business implications together with custom data and analysis from "Navigating to a New Normal’s" ongoing data collection, both qualitative and quantitative. Exact content will depend on available inputs from client. The report’s primary purpose is to drive the workshop conversation. Anticipate no more than 50 primary ppt pages in length; may include video clips where relevant content is available.

Final report will feature the output from the workshop, estimated at 8-10 pages, in addition to the primary report used in the workshop.


Company: Ignite 360

Previous Projects: 6


Supplier's Qualifications:

Ignite 360 has been running "Navigating to a New Norma"l since April, 2020. The company helps clients find the One Big Idea that can move their business forward.

Supplier's Team:

The team working on this project will include:

Rob Volpe, CEO
Lisa Osborne, COO
Marie Becker, SVP
Sara Wight, Insights Director
Tori Palmer-Kern, Insights Manager
Marisa Skwiat, Insights Associate


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