Online Grocery Shopping: What AmazonFresh & Others Aren't Telling You

An industry-first look at how AmazonFresh and other leading grocery platforms are performing, how consumers shop in the online grocery environment, and what drives purchases


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The battle for online grocery shoppers is no longer just about online shopping; it’s about the total grocery market, which is more than $300 billion annually. Consumers are steadily moving away from brick-and-mortar shopping to buy groceries online. How do brands and retailers win in this space?


  • Learn how the key players compare in the space
  • Understand the role of mobile vs. pc
  • Gauge brand performance
  • Understand consumer search behaviors
  • Learn the role of video on product pages


This report provides a timely set of insights based on passively tracked consumer behaviors on computers and mobile devices over a 19-month time period. The distinct benefit of using behavioral data (instead of survey-based, self-reported data) sets this report apart for its unfiltered truth about consumer shopping behaviors in this emerging space.

The trends covered in this report are often “hidden” and nearly impossible to come by through traditional research. More importantly, most online grocery services don’t offer access to data about their own platform. Brands rushing to take advantage of online grocery shopping have limited visibility into what works and what doesn’t within these individual “walled gardens.” This report is a first of its kind in pulling back the curtains to get the inside story of online-grocery shopping.

This report has a strong focus on AmazonFresh, which reflects business practices and strategies from its parent company, which represents 75% of all ecommerce in the U.S. This report paves ways to better understand and optimize brands’ performance within the Amazon ecosystem. Brands and retailers can gain insights into what Amazon is doing that they may be missing.


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There's not a whole lot hotter in retail and the food space than AmazonFresh. Here's an opportunity to dive deep into understanding why.