Optimizing E: Uncovering Challenges & Opportunities in Online Commerce

This study’s purpose is to uncover an optimal e-commerce equation for consumers, exploring macro issues around shopping, ordering, payment, customer service, shipping and delivery, and returns.


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  • Understand how consumers’ “optimal e-com equation” may be delineated by key categories, including apparel, entertainment, tech, and travel.


No question: E-commerce has come a long way in gaining wider consumer acceptance and engagement. But greater insights backed by new data can provide strategic and tactical guidance as to how to optimize the full e-commerce experience for consumers. This study would not be to compare e-commerce to brick-and-mortar, but to find its own optimal equation to drive greater growth and consumer engagement.


A combination of individual level digital footprint data among e-commerce shoppers across interested industries, as well as a series of quantitative surveys among those shoppers- in order to understand online behaviors as well as needs, motivations, and barriers along the e-commerce consumer journey.

Project Design

Design Rationale:

By fielding over an extended period of time, we are able to gather a variety of purchase types, all important to identifying intricacies in the journey. Appending digital footprint allows us to explore how digital research and purchases interact with and shape a consumer’s journey.


We will identify 1,500 consumers to monitor their digital behavior over the course of a 2-month timeframe, over multiple devices. We will track the websites they visit and the purchases they make online via partnership with RealityMine. We will also contact these individuals to field a quantitative survey where they will be prompted weekly to discuss online purchases they’ve made in the entertainment, apparel, technology, and travel spaces, providing information on research, influencers, triggers, and other elements of their journey to purchase.

This will yield an integration of behavioral and attitudinal data, providing a robust and holistic view of the consumers e-commerce journey.

Project Research Target

Geography: US Only; Approximates national population distribution


Reporting: Formal Report

Presentation: Both web-based and in-person

Additional Deliverables:

Presentation method will be decided upon award

$3,000 per presentation

Funding Timeline (once project is approved): 45 days

Timing: 20 weeks from funding to delivery of final report


Company: Gongos, Inc.

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Supplier's Qualifications:

We have conducted journey work for a wide variety of clients including financial, CPG and healthcare, helping shape marketing plans and consumer outreach strategies, ultimately aiding in growth of their business.

Supplier's Team:

Sarah Tarraf, Director- Analytics
Crystle Uyeda- Director- Business Development


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