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It’s one thing to have an organizational goal toward greater employment inclusion and equity. It’s an entirely different challenge to help your employees embrace these goals and trade unhealthy biases for wellbeing benefits. Both your employees, particularly those who are members of minority groups, and your organization will greatly benefit. Measure to manage your success. Start today with a brief, anonymous, online survey that puts you in touch with the pulse of the nation and your employees.


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The summer of 2020 marked a massive sea change for Americans’ perceptions of and openness to diversity, equity and inclusion. While the issues that inspired protest were not new, millions of Americans thoughts about these events for the first time (or, for the first time, in greater depth). And this all happened with most Americans still in some form of social distancing with offices closed. So most offices have not yet had a reckoning with whether and how their teams have changed due to this significant tumult. With so many behaviors and attitudes in flux, a reading of the current pulse of the US gen pop, in comparison to your own employees, is critically important as Covid work restrictions end and hiring begins. Now is the time to know where you and your employees stand before you invest more in DEI.


  • Discover how your employees feel about your own organization’s current DEI performance, while In comparison with US gen pop, and other research sponsors (masked).
  • In comparison with US gen pop, and other research sponsors (masked) discover how employees feel about DEI today in the gen pop workforce
  • OPTIONAL: Run diagnostics on your current DEI performance. to OPTIONAL: collect diagnostics on your current DEI performance and on employee beliefs about DEI, for communications and training purposes .
  • NOTE: The above data can be revealed for your entire employee population and/or just among specific minority groups of interest (assuming sufficiently sizable to measure).


Many companies have begun the process of revamping their DEI programs subsequent to the events of the summer of 2020. Many have created new departments and new positions within those departments. Others are changing emphasis from Diversity to Equity, or from Inclusion to Belonging. Some are just accelerating their current plans. Those organizations that are currently doing well on DEI performance enjoy an edge in the recruitment of an inclusive, diverse workforce. With budgets still limited due to Covid, understanding how and where to best invest to advance your DEI goals requires a careful evaluation of your employees.

If your company is found to be below average, you have some catching up to do. It’s time to gain deep diagnostics for action in 2021 and beyond. This diagnostic program is essential for organizations that want DEI success. If particular minority groups feel that your company is failing, you’ll know where to focus. Understanding how American workers in general feel about DEI today, in comparison to your own employees, is a necessary component when evaluating your DEI programs. This project will help you accomplish these goals and prescribe where your focus should be in 2021 so you can be efficient and effective with your time and budget.

Methodology: Quantitative

Quantitative Design

Design Rationale:

This project will leverage short automated online surveys as they’re the fastest and most cost-effective way to capture current feelings and perceptions; doing so anonymously encourages honesty. Framing responding to the survey in terms of personal benefits aids compliance.

Sample Source:

Dynata/Your own employees

Quantitative Research Target



Additional Deliverables:

Dashboard reporting is the primary deliverable -- one for company data, one for Gen Pop survey, and post fielding, one for all participating company data (masked apart from industry vertical).

The following can be included if desired, at additional cost:
• Custom PPT charting, summary, and implications.
• Multiple regression (driver analysis) of reputation and feelings about DEI, based on diagnostic perceptions/beliefs (if diagnostics are included in the project).
• Path analysis and CHAID are also available.

There are three different pricing tiers for this projet:
Tier One: $5,000
- 1,000 employee surveys - no diagnostics

Tier Two: $9,000
- 1,000 employee survey - diagnostics included

Tier Three: $14,000
- 1,000 employee survey - diagnostics included
- Gen Pop survey, sample of 2,000 (no diagnostics)

*Note: This is currently set up and priced as benchmark surveys. If clients are interested in semi-annual, quarterly or weekly tracking, please let us know and we can provide updated pricing options


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