Paid-to-Post: Leveraging Influencer Marketing

The following concept is in early-stage development. If you would like to help influence its final design, please contact the team at Collaborata.


In 2016, there were nearly 10 million sponsored posts on Instagram. A survey conducted by the site found that 60% of users reported they learned about a product or service through Instagram. But as users better understand that their favorite celebs are paid to post, how influential will Influencer marketing become? What are the keys for capitalizing on this “authentic” approach to advertising in order for it to feel authentic?

Preliminary Objectives

  • Discover the impact of sponsored posts and online influencers on brand awareness, interest, and purchase intent, delving into differences by category
  • Learn how a brand can remain “authentic” while leveraging paid Influencers
  • Do consumers trust Influencers? And, if so, which consumers (demographics, category involvement, etc.)? What makes an Influencer trustworthy? What might be the negative consequences of a brand tying into a flawed or failed Influencer?
  • Discover what categories and what types of consumers (by demographics, generation, and psychographics) are most ripe for Influencer marketing


So, who’s actually influenced by online Influencers? As consumers become savvier, it’s critical to understand how this marketing tactic can work (or not), when it comes to building brand awareness and engagement (while not damaging a brand’s sense of authenticity).