Passive Tracking: Mobile Phone Charging Behavior Study

Traditional research has failed to fully understand when and how often users of mobile phones charge their phones; new research is needed in this area to drive new product development and to fully reveal that gap between self-reported and passively-tracked data around cellphone charging.


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  • Help handset manufacturers understand the true phone charging behavior and signal connectivity of mobile phone users in order to design optimal handset
  • Illuminate whether traditional quantitative research provides true behavior by using passive metering of mobile phone users.
  • Establish a clear understanding of target demographics of users in order to design optimal features.
  • Reveal key behaviors around cellphone charging, including: number of charges per day; length of charge; charging power source; charging power location; percent rise in charge level.


Handset manufacturers have to balance numerous factors in the production of an optimal handset. They must balance cost with physical features such as weight, hardware features, battery capacity, display technology and aesthetic design. This original research will provide critical insights to guide better design of mobile phone features.

Methodology: Quantitative

Quantitative Design

Statistical Analysis:

Demographic-based weighting has been applied to the sample to maintain a demographically balanced composition.

Design Rationale:

PREDIQT has designed a specific App that measures key handset performance features. This App is used to track the actual behavior of mobile handset users passively and can be used to compare this to traditional quantitatively collected data (surveys) to determine true behavior.

Quantitative Research Target

Gender: 50% Male, 50% Female

Ethnicity: Approximates national population distribution

Ages: 18 to 64

Additional Demographic Screening:

The sample for this ongoing research is a diversified panel of 200 mobile handset users with a demographic mix by gender and age. In addition, data is provided on marital status and income.
Age breakdown of sample:
24 – 44 year olds together are 67% of the sample.
24-34 year olds are 35% of the sample
35-44 year olds are 32% of the sample

Geography: US Only; Approximates national population distribution



Additional Deliverables:

The deliverable is a detailed report (including tables) of the behavior of mobile handset users and the corresponding operational performance of their handsets. The study was achieved using Samsung Galaxy models as the best proxy of Android phone models in the market. Data is made available via Excel spreadsheets. Data can be made available at aggregate and at the handset level in xls format.

1. Demographics – Gender, Age, Relationship status 2. Demographics – Income, Handset models
3. Survey Screener vs Passive Metering
a) Charging Episodes
b) Power Source
c) Charging Location
4. Key Findings
a) Charging Episodes
b) Power Source
c) Charging Location
d) Connectivity
e) Temperature
f) Voltage
5. Day vs Night


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PREDIQT is an award winning Mobile market research company founded in 2015 to provide leading edge technology to the market research industry. PREDIQT has presented in numerous market research conferences globally on topics such as mobile passive metering, blockchain technology and 5g technology. PREDIQT’s team has also authored numerous articles in publications such as ESOMAR’s Research World.


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