Podcasting: Linking Content & Advertising

The following concept is in early-stage development. If you would like to help influence its final design, please contact the team at Collaborata.


More than 51% of US consumers having listened to at least one podcast, and with more than 500,000 active today and available for listening on demand, podcasting has become unofficially mainstream. But, there’s much to be learned when it comes to how to best engage and advertise to this growing listening audience.

Preliminary Objectives

  • Understand how consumers learn about podcast programming as well as their preferred genres, platforms, devices and listening habits (i.e., do they “binge-listen” or re-listen?) as well as where, when, and how podcast-listening takes place.
  • Identify the most compelling content by demographics and lifestage so as to understand what emotionally, thematically, and intellectually resonates with different audiences
  • Evaluate how podcast advertising works with listeners—what elements and styles are preferred
  • Understand how an ad narrated by a podcast host impacts its awareness, likeability, and persuasiveness
  • Explore what types of ads are fast-forwarded (as well as the demographic makeup of listeners who are more likely to fast-forward), by examining differing creative approaches -- from personal stories and testimonials, to the use of humor and improvisation


Podcast listening has grown rapidly over the past 10 years; in 2008, only 9% of Americans reported listening to a podcast within the last month. Today, 26% of Americans are monthly listeners. With such a wide variety of content and an expanding listener base, it’s critical to understand not only who are podcast listeners, but also how do they best react to and engage with content and advertising within podcasts.