Pushing Past Stereotypes: Understanding the Plus-Size Woman + How to Better Connect with Her

How to better understand abnd connect with the plus-size woman by undersatnding her influences, favorite brands, retailer and media sources, and more


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Who is the plus-size woman? This increasingly important consumer audience is often misunderstood, under-served, and/or over-looked by retailers and brands.


  • Identify key emotional and rational drivers that are influencing how plus-size women think, feel, and act when it comes to brands, retailers, inspiration, and media sources.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the plus-size woman beyond demographic profiles, including both personal and category insights.
  • Evaluate the comparative strengths and weaknesses of 50 specific brands and retailers when it comes to what plus-size women want and need. (NOTE: See preliminary list below by clicking on “Additional Deliverables” under "Analysis & Deliverables").
  • Understand how these 50 selected brands stack up against key measures of relevance, engagement, connection, and inspiration for plus-size women.
  • Discover critical insights on why some brands, retailers, and media sources are succeeding with this group of women and why others are struggling.


This project is a deep dive into the psyche and behaviors of this audience, revealing the plus-sized consumer as a person — her values, lifestyle, expectations, and the choices she makes when it comes to fashion, retailers, and brands. We will explore and identify how and where she finds inspiration, what sources she uses, and what is missing in this mix.

Using a mix of ethnography and quantitative analysis, we will identify and explore key drivers that are influencing how she shops and how she makes decisions about what she wants for herself, with actionable insights on what brands and retailers can better be doing to communicate and connect with her.


Co-funders will have the option to include their own brand, retail store, or media source in the research. If your brand is already included (see preliminary list below by clicking on "Additional Deliverables" under "Analysis & Deliverables), you may select a competitor to be measured.

Also see "Additional Deliverables" for a description of brand-specific analysis.


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Here's a critical consumer segment that's under-served. These insights, in the hand of the right organizations, can change that.