Roadmap to Driverless: New Vehicle Buyers Sound off on Autonomous

Car owners sound off on autonomous vehicles, letting you know what they want before their next car purchase




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Carmakers are investing hugely to build semi-autonomous and fully self-driving vehicles. They need to gain acceptance and interest -- to literally drive customers to the showroom. Autonomous offers game-changing stakes to capture early adopters from competitors and potentially shift large chunks of market share.


  • Level of awareness and readiness to accept autonomous technology
  • Key differences in interest across automotive segments/brands
  • An in-depth understanding of perceived pros and cons
  • Safety concerns
  • Expectations regarding pricing, convenience, and fuel economy


This study's large large sample size (14,000 respondents) allows clients to measure awareness, interest, and acceptance as well as to gain an overall perspective of not only what customers want out of this technology, but also their biggest concerns. More so, because all respondents are screened to have purchased a new vehicle within the last four years, this study provides analysis based on brand and type of vehicle. Many of these same consumers will be back in the market at the time the first fully autonomous vehicles are projected to be ready for public sale. These buyers will become the target market!

Find out why having the best auto customer data in the world enables MaritzCX to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive look at customer perceptions about this new technology.


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