Segmenting the Millennial Traveler: How Millennials' Unique Sense of Self Is Expressed Through Travel

How well do you really know the Millennial traveler? Dive deep into the psycho-emotional and behavioral profile of this key segment with innovative System 1 techniques and analysis.




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Millennials operate differently from their older counterparts particularly the way in which they value "experiences." Accordingly, travel is a high priority for this cohort, who's projected to overtake Baby Boomers in travel spending by 2020. But while travel destinations and marketers may understand how Millennials differ from other generations, how much do they really know about the differences among Millennials?


  • Segment Millennials by leisure travel attitudes and behavior
  • Identify attitudes, motivations, and preferences for leisure travel
  • Measure interest in specific types of leisure travel activities
  • Determine characteristics of most recent and typical leisure trips (e.g., average nights stayed, accommodations, travel companions)
  • Identify deep emotional associations with travel and the role it plays in Millennials'lives


By combining traditional survey methods with tools that reveal the deeper, emotional motivations for behavior, this project will help clients understand exactly who Millennials are and how to connect with them beyond generational stereotypes.

This study will reveal the intricacies of Millennial travelers and what they're looking for from a travel destination, by segmenting Millennials according to their travel-related attitudes, expectations, and behaviors. Ultimately, these insights will provide you with profiles and personas you can use to more effectively serve and communicate with this all-important target.


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