The Bloomberg® Consumer Comfort Index™ by Langer Research Associates

A 32-year-old weekly survey of Americans’ economic attitudes, providing an early, accurate, and high-frequency read on consumer sentiment


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Closely followed from the halls of the Fed to the canyons of Wall Street, The Bloomberg® Consumer Comfort Index™ (CCI) is a 32-year-old weekly random-sample survey of Americans’ economic attitudes. Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics, called the CCI one of his “five favorite economic indicators.”


  • Provide an ongoing, accurate measure of consumer sentiment to economic, trading, and retailing modelers and political and public policy analysts


More frequent than other leading consumer measures and correlated on a leading basis with key economic variables, the CCI is invaluable in modeling for economists, econometricians, traders and retailers, and as a precise summary of economic attitudes for political and public policy researchers. Subscription can include a weekly data analysis, a weekly update of the full 32-year CCI spreadsheet, or both. Datasets are available on a separately arranged basis. See samples at


For more information, including papers on CCI's construction and uses in predictive modeling and charts of its leading correlations with economic and employment data, see

Collaborata is now exclusively handling Bloomberg® Consumer Comfort Index™ (CCI) subscriptions.

Methodology: Quantitative

Quantitative Design

Number of Interviews: 1000

Interview Length: 5 minutes

Statistical Analysis:

Topline, crosstab, trend, correlational and regression analyses are included as warranted.

Design Rationale:

The CCI covers current public attitudes on the national economy, personal finances, and the buying climate, using the same survey questions and methodology since its inception in December 1985. Expectations of the economy’s future are measured separately on a monthly basis.

How Sample will be Segmented:

Men/women; ages 18-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65+; race/ethnicity: whites, blacks, Hispanics; income;

Sample Source:

SSRS Omnibus; see

Quantitative Research Target

Gender: 50% Male, 50% Female

Ethnicity: Approximates national population distribution


Additional Demographic Screening:

Demographic variables include age, race/ethnicity, sex, education, income, home-ownership, marital status, employment status, region, political partisanship and ideology in typical categories

Geography: US Only; Approximates national population distribution


Reporting: Formal Report; Topline Report; Summary Report

Presentation: In-person

Cost for individual on-site presentation:

Additional Deliverables:

In-person presentations are arranged separately as an addtional option

Please inquire.

Timing: weeks from funding to delivery of final report


Company: Langer Research Associates

Previous Projects: 1


Supplier's Qualifications:

The Bloomberg® Consumer Comfort Index™ is produced by Langer Research Associates, a New York-based firm that designs, manages, and analyzes rigorous, high-quality survey-research projects for corporate, media, foundation, and association clients.


Subscription items can include a weekly data analysis, a weekly update of the full 32-year CCI spreadsheet, or both. Datasets are available on a separately arranged basis. See samples at


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