The Future is Female: What Brands Must Know to Engage Millennial and Gen Z Women

Given the rapid changes in social and cultural norms, brands are losing touch with today's female consumer. This project will inspire and inform brands about how to connect effectively with the female decision makers of today and tomorrow.


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The dynamics of the female head-of-household decision maker are quickly evolving. And, the ways in which brands need to communicate with -- and speak to -- women have forever changed. Shifting cultural and social influences, media-portrayed imagery, and heightened awareness of self are affecting decision-making power. Further, there's a pushback against gender stereotypes that are impacting the way in which brands can effectively market to women. These shifts, in culmination, will continue to reshape the way in which brands can best influence, engage, and drive loyalty among their female target audiences.

Click here to see a webinar, led by the team at Ignite 360. They go through the proposal and their current hypotheses


  • In what ways are Gen Z and Millennial women observing and internalizing marketing and ad communication today vs. in the past?
  • What is prompting a shift in these consumption and buying dynamics? What are the underlying factors? How does life stage impact these dynamics?
  • How has the #metoo movement and related activity influenced her? What conversations is she engaging in and who are the voices that are breaking through and resonating?
  • What do brands and products need to know about the values, attitudes, needs and barriers being expressed by Gen Z and Millennial women in order to effectively target and communicate with them?
  • Which brands are doing it well today and which are missing the mark? What contributes to their success or failure and what lessons can be applied to others effectively?


But, what are the driving forces and prevailing attitudes impacting the evolving landscape of the female consumer today? How are women navigating the dynamic marketplace, and what messages and brands are resonating with them (and why)? What are the principles by which brands can engage and reach female decision makers now and in the future?

This multi-stage learning program will build foundational yet essential knowledge and fully identify the critical components for brands to truly engage the new female decision maker. The results: highly actionable insights to connect with the female consumers of today and tomorrow.

Please join this study now so you can participate in the project kickoff and provide feedback to help shape this important work!



• Participate in project kick-off with input into initial hypotheses and critical questions to be addressed

• Review and provide feedback into qualitative session guides and quantitative survey

• Attend/observe a portion of the qualitative research

• Schedule a presentation of findings for your group via WebEx (optional in-person presentation & facilitated insight activation also available; travel to billed separately at cost)

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Lisa Osborne recently led a webinar that outlined her initial findings and current hypotheses and objectives. Please check it out!