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To provide, for the first time ever, a year-round tracker of kids’ (ages 5-11) holiday wishlists. Consisting of 8 waves of data from Fall 2017 through Spring 2018, The Kringle Report will cover hundreds of toy and youth entertainment items on kids’ wishlists, letting marketers and retailers know what's hot and what's next. To view a preview video, please click:


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  • Quantify what toys and games boys want and are asking for this Holiday season.
  • Measure the passion with which kids are asking for each item, from the perspective of their parent gatekeepers.
  • Track kids’ awareness of and purchase interest in key toy and youth entertainment products.
  • Track shifts in the above measures from pre-Fall through the Christmas Holiday and into early 2018.


Each year as fall approaches, toy and game companies make bets as to what will top kids’ wishlists, often with only intuition and retailer reaction to guide them. The Kringle Report offers an insider’s look at kids’ holiday wishlists, starting in September, and tracking them all the way up to and beyond the big day.

Here are 7 reasons why you need The Kringle Report (available in boys and girls editions):

• Spot the next big trend as early as possible, so you can act on it

• Adjust media spend based on what's really hot with kids

• Minimize excessive markdowns by moving quickly in Q4

• Create ad claims for items that rank high on kids' wish lists

• Gauge the future of key licensed properties

• Monitor demand for competitive products before those sales even occur

• Rest assured with additional intelligence, having no fear of missing out!

This game-changing study will also capture and track awareness and purchase intent of top-promoted items. Providing insight far beyond what currently exists and into what kids dream about, The Kringle Report will also reveal what licenses kids want in products (regardless of whether those products actually exist).

Be one of the first three co-funders and we'll include aided awareness and purchase interest in any four products of your choosing.

For greater detail, including timing:
To view a preview video:


• Be one of the first three co-funders and quantitatively track kids’ aided awareness and purchase interest in four products that you custom select and specify.
• Be one of the next three co-funders and quantitatively track kids’ awareness and purchase interest in any single product that you custom select and specify.
• Order both the boys and girls reports and get a 20% discount off the second one!

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