The Parent Passion Point™ Study: A Roadmap for Emotional Relevance with Parents at a Time of Astonishing Cultural Change

Decoding Millennial Parents’ emotional WHAT and your brand’s emotional WHY for communications, content, and new product strategies that speak to the heart not the head of the world’s most sought-after consumer


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The Family Room’s Parents Passion Point™ Study is a category-agnostic exploration of the core hopes, dreams, fears, and aspirations Millennial Parents are most focused on today and a custom extension mapping which of these emotional drivers are baked into your brand’s DNA. At the heart of this study is the belief that Parent marketing miracles come from human insights, not category insights. For less than the cost of four focus groups, this study will enable you to change the conversation you are having with Millennial parents from their needs as consumers to their passions as people.


  • Conducted in twelve global markets and updated annually, the goal of this study is to elevate the role your brand plays in Millennial Parents' lives by decoding the following:
  • Parents' Emotional WHAT: A quantitative map of Millennial parents’ new emotional landscape and the passions that are trending up and trending down in response to the turbulent times in which they live.
  • Your Brand’s Emotional WHY: A custom extension illuminating the emotional DNA of your brand, the true role it plays in parents’ lives, and which of these emotional assets your brand owns vs. key competition.
  • Strategic springboards and case studies for connecting the dots between these new emotional truths about your brand and communications, content, and new product strategies that elevate the role they play in Millennial Parents' lives.


Never has there been a time when so much cultural change has collided in such a spectacular way with parents’ emotional landscape. Shifts in Parents' Passion Points™ that used to take a decade to appear are now occurring in twelve months with implication for parent and kid brands, content, and new product developers that cannot be overstated. Understanding Millennial Parents' new emotional priorities and determining which your brand, category, or content has permission to leverage is the sole focus of this study.


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