Understanding Today's Hispanic Shoppers

Discover at a deep level how Hispanic shoppers' attitudes and behaviors are impacted by today's political climate in the U.S.


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People of Hispanic origin make up 17% of the U.S. population and account for $1.3 trillion in buying power. While Hispanic shoppers are growing as a segment of the general US population, this growth is facing uncertainty within the current political climate.


  • Understand how Hispanic shoppers’ lives have changed in the uncertainty of today’s political environment
  • Understand changes in where, how, and why Hispanic shoppers make purchases at different locations
  • Measure the confidence level of Hispanic shoppers regarding their future in the United States and their place in the economy
  • Understand Hispanic shoppers’ attitudes towards American vs. non-American brands
  • Understand Hispanic shoppers’ purchasing preferences to inform key strategic and tactical marketing decisions


GroupSolver, together with U.S. Hispanic audience expert Monica Mitrani, has designed this study to help co-funders:

• Uncover the changing attitudes of Hispanic shoppers in today's national climate

• Tailor messaging to be more relevant, timely, and empathetic toward Hispanic shoppers

• Yield actionable insights as to the concerns and preferences of this powerful group especially in light of the new reality in which Hispanics find themselves

You'll be able to act on this study's findings by understanding Hispanic consumers' behavioral changes due to changing immigration policy and the attitudes that are driving these shifts. The implications of this research should guide your multicultural messaging, media, and overall marketing strategies.

Please join us in this important project that will bring new light to this powerful group at this critical juncture in our cultural and landscape.

Methodology: Qualitative/Quantitative

Design Rationale:

We will begin this study by qualifying respondents through a series of choice questions. Respondents will have the option of answering the questions either in Spanish or English.

Once respondents qualify for the study, we will get an overall measure of their confidence for their future in the U.S. They will be guided through a series of open-ended questions, asking about their attitudes toward immigration policies as well as their shopping preferences. We ask these open-ended questions at the beginning of the study to ensure that respondents give unbiased answers. After asking our open-ended questions, we finish the study by asking several close-ended questions.


GroupSolver has developed a distinct approach to collecting and analyzing open-ended responses. This approach combines traditional statistical methods used in typical quantitative surveys with crowdsourcing techniques and machine learning, which allows GroupSolver to effectively quantify natural-language answers. GroupSolver allows respondents to answer open-ended questions using their own natural language in their answers (in this case, either Spanish or English), while also validating answers provided by other respondents. The result is a “self-building” platform that provides the researcher with validated hypotheses/answers to critical open-ended questions.

For more information, please visit https://groupsolver.com.

Qualitative Design

Qualitative Research Target

Gender: 40% Male, 60% Female

Ages: 18 to 50

Geography: US Only; Approximates national population distribution

Number of Markets: 20

Quantitative Design

Number of Interviews: 500

Interview Length: 16 minutes

Statistical Analysis:

The GroupSolver platform utilizes crowdsourcing and artificial intelligence to quantify qualitative insights. We will perform traditional analysis on the qualitative and quantitative data by identifying themes, mapping relationships between top ideas, and using demographic information to highlight differences between segments. Additionally, we will perform a discrete-choice analysis to measure the impact of American vs. Hispanic brands on Hispanic shopper preferences.

How Sample will be Segmented:

Segmented by:

• Level of acculturation (using a multi-question battery including language, US or foreign born, years in the US, language preference/used at home and with friends)
• Age (including generational cohort -- Millennials vs. Xers)
• Gender (heavying up on females, who tend to do most of the family shopping in Hispanic households)

Sample Source:

GroupSolver will collect a sample of respondents from key panel partners; a list of these sample partners will be included in the report's Appendix

Quantitative Research Target

Gender: 40% Male, 60% Female

Ages: 18 to 50

Additional Demographic Screening:

Focusing on Hispanic Millennials and Xers, ages 18-50

Geography: US Only; Approximates national population distribution


Reporting: Formal Report

Presentation: Web-based

Funding Timeline (once project is approved): 60 days

Timing: 3 weeks from funding to delivery of final report


Company: GroupSolver

Previous Projects: 1


Supplier's Qualifications:

GroupSolver has built a market-research platform focused on quickly understanding the “why” (through open-ended questions) that provide a deeper level of insight. The firm has a depth of experience in designing studies among ethnically diverse populations and in various languages. (In this case, respondents will have the option of Spanish or English.)

GroupSolver is teaming with U.S. Hispanic audience expert Monica Mitrani to assure this project is designed and analyzed reflecting the unique cultural context of Hispanic Americans.

GroupSolver clients include B2B and B2C brands as well as market-research agencies. The firm specialize in brand perception, pricing strategies, and concept testing -- always to deliver a deeper level of insight than traditional quantitative or qualitative research.

GroupSolver won the Shark Tank competition at the CASRO conference in June 2016 and has continued to grow at an accelerated pace, innovating its offerings to meet client needs.

Supplier's Team:


Monica has 20+ years of experience in consulting, business development and research. She occupied senior roles as a strategy and research consultant, research director and moderator at firms like TNS (now Kantar) and Culturati, focusing heavily on the U.S. Hispanic market. Monica was also a consultant at Booz-Allen & Hamilton. Born and raised in Colombia, Monica is fully bilingual and bicultural. She holds a Master of International Affairs degree from Columbia University and a B.S. in Business/Economics from Babson College.


Rasto is GroupSolver's co-founder/CEO of and leads the firm's customer full-service team. Before GroupSolver, he was a consultant with McKinsey & Company and a head of business development at Mendel Biotechnology. Rasto holds a PhD in applied economics from Purdue University, where he also received his MBA.


Jeff leads the company’s business-development activities. Prior to joining GroupSolver, he co-founded a SAAS technology company in the health-and-wellness space. He also spent six-plus years in key roles at Qualtrics, a market-research SAAS company. Jeff graduated from Utah Valley University with a BA in Behavioral Science, psychology emphasis.


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I love the partnership for this project: deep audience expertise together with a truly innovative platform. Great, timely topic. Can't wait to see the insights.