Understanding YouTube: Passive Data Tells the Real Story

Know who's watching what on YouTube to empower your brand to determine content preferences, audience profiling, marketing tactics, and creative strategies


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Until now, this data had not been offered to the industry. Only Luth Research, based on its proprietary ZQ Intelligence proprietary technology collects passive video-viewership data. And, for the first time, Luth is offering the results as a “syndicated research product” exclusively through Collaborata.


  • Quantify total # of YouTube viewers on PC, smartphone and tablet within past 6 months and weekly time spent on YouTube by each device
  • Quantify viewership of YouTube titles, genres, and categories by demographics and devices
  • Identify top-50 YouTube channels by demo’s and devices and the top-10 video titles per genre
  • Quantify the % of YouTube visitors who also view competing sites: Vimeo, Dailymotion, Netflix, screen.yahoo.com, Twitch, Vine, Vube


Finally, your strategies for video advertising, content creation, and audience acquisition can be based on the most accurate, robust data available. Built from pure passively tracked consumer behavior data, “Understanding YouTube: Passive Data Tells the Real Story” unlocks who’s watching what on YouTube… and how! The data and resulting insights come from more than 4.5 million titles viewed on YouTube online and mobile, including in-app.


Luth will offer a free one-hour of consultation for the first 10 co-sponsors.

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For anyone -- agencies and advertisers -- who use YouTube for distributing video content and advertising, here's the first study that tells you who's watching, what they're watching, and on what devices. Really great technology that produces passive data (vs. self-reporting).