Understanding the Base: A Roadmap for Brands to Win the Middle of the Country

The 2016 election highlighted a major disconnect between what the media thinks they know about US consumers and what Middle America actually thinks and believes. This study will help brands understand how to better target all Americans with their products and marketing campaigns.


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The majority of media and marketing companies are based in large metropolitan areas and, if the last couple of years have taught us anything, it's that there can be a glaring gap between the "reality" shown in the media and marketing and the "reality" of middle Americans. The result of this failure to understand a sizeable portion of the country is that the themes, ideals and beliefs depicted in consumer marketing may be fundamentally different than those that make up a majority of the "middle of the country" audience.


  • Gain a foundational understanding of the unique set of needs, values and motivations that set middle Americans apart from those who live in major metropolitan areas.
  • At the same time, understand key similarities between middle Americans and Americans in major metropolitan areas to identify universal needs, values and motivations
  • Segment this market into different high value "middle of country" consumer types and prioritize "middle of country" consumer segments for each separate industry
  • Provide insights for any industry on how marketers and product developers can better meet the needs of high value "middle of country" consumer segments
  • Provide each co-sponsor with a report customized to their industry with a customized "middle of country" segment opportunity analysis to which only they will have exclusive access


Over the last couple of years it has become apparent that politicians, media and marketing have to some degree ignored middle Americans, not taking the time to fully or clearly understanding their attitudes, beliefs, values and motivations.


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