Vets & Pets: The Influence Veterinarians Have on What Today’s Consumers Are Spending on Their Pets

This study will quantify the influence veterinarians have on what dog and cat owners buy for their pets and how to better engage vets for your brand’s benefit. You’ll gain actionable opportunity insights into how pet owners rely on their vet’s recommendations when it comes to the care and feeding of their pets. And, you’ll gain from the unique perspectives and interactions between pet owner and vet that significantly influence purchase behavior for your own category. This research will also assess how the pet owner-vet dynamic plays out differently among the generations in order to identify distinct opportunities to grow your brand among Millennials, Gen-Xers, and Boomers. Study analytics will identify generation-specific business opportunities for service, product innovation and marketing communication: • Degree of alignment/gaps between owner-perceived and vet-perceived pet needs in order to identify business growth opportunities via improvements of service and product delivery. • Generation opportunities in pet care and feeding purchases based on pet-owner and owner-vet emotional relationships and interactions. Analytics will also support a fuller understanding of owner reliance on vet recommendations during in-office visits and when on vet websites: • How pet owner experience, attitudes and pet’s life stage drive reliance on vet services. • How reliance on vet impacts choice of nutrition, health care products and pet rewards. • Insights into vet criteria for dog and cat care/feeding


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  • Dog and cat acquisition, adoption/rescue experience, attitudes and role of owner life stage/generation status.


In this first-ever co-funded study of its kind, you’ll learn how veterinarians influence pet owners’ care and feeding purchases. And, you’ll get fresh new insights on how to best engage vets for your brand’s benefit -- direct from the source!

So, if you market pet products or services, this research will illuminate how to best tap into the critical vet-pet owner relationship that drives consumers’ attitudes and pet-care purchases in your category.

Importantly, this research will also uncover generation-specific opportunities for your business. So, you’ll see how vet influence plays out across Millennials, Gen X-ers and Boomers to reveal latent growth strategies within each generation.

Methodology: Quantitative

Quantitative Design

Number of Interviews: 1400

Interview Length: 15 minutes

Design Rationale:

Pet owners and vets will will complete a 15 minute survey. Prior to launch, each survey instrument will be pretested to ensure clarity, administrability and programming functionality.

Each survey will be conducted online via opt-in research panels. Interview content will consist of primarily structured metrics, with provision for 2 voluntary response questions.

How Sample will be Segmented:

U.S. Pet Owners: N = 1,000 current owners of dogs and/or cats; male and female owners, 18 –70 who are responsible for the pet’s care and feeding. Sample quotas will be established for Millennials, Gen-Xers and Boomers. Final sample will be balanced to represent latest U.S. census estimates for generation cohorts.

U.S. Veterinarians: N = 400 cross-section of U.S. “companion pet” veterinarians will be completed to capture the vet perspective. The study sample will be balanced to reflect veterinary practice size and geographic presence.

Quantitative Research Target

Gender: 50% Male, 50% Female

Ethnicity: Approximates national population distribution

Ages: 18 to 65

Behavioral/Lifestyle Screening:

A cross-section of U.S. “companion pet” veterinarians will also be surveyed to capture the vet perspective on dog/cat care and feeding and owner interaction.

Additional Demographic Screening:

U.S. based, custom-designed quantitative survey on pet care, feeding and experience with veterinarians will be conducted among dog/cat owners, with represent of Millennials, Gen-Xers and Boomers.



Presentation: Web-based

Additional Deliverables:

RTi will conduct a management level webinar for all survey co-funders.
All co-funders will receive:
A comprehensive management-oriented PowerPoint deck
A complete set of study tabulations in Excel (html) format

Funding Timeline (once project is approved): 60 days

Timing: 10 weeks from funding to delivery of final report


Company: RTi

Previous Projects: 2


Supplier's Qualifications:

RTi helps turn insight into action. Through our highly knowledgeable, experienced, and client-committed team of senior staff, we provide unparalleled marketing-focused research and brand strategy services to the largest and most highly regarded companies within their respective industries. For more than three decades, our clients have counted on us to connect the dots, tell the story and influence decisions.


We will be happy to conduct in-person presentations for the 1st two co-funders..


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