WORKSHOP! Demystifying Growth: Strategies to Supercharge Your Business

Demystify your business growth with this workshop by learning the mechanics behind building movement in your business and tuning growth


Luck Collective


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Without a doubt businesses of all kinds are struggling to evolve at the pace of technology innovation. We are facing a distinct gap between our traditional sales and marketing methods and today’s greater data-driven growth strategies. This “gap” spills over into our own firms’ marketing (or lack of) tactics, providing us with a unique opportunity to grow through non-traditional marketing avenues that are technology-based and beyond.


From creative storytelling to marketing automation and viral marketing, this workshop will give attendees a firm understanding of the key drivers of growth and illuminate strategies for implementing low-cost, innovative alternatives to traditional sales and marketing. Using real-world case studies, the session will illustrate techniques for launching, growing, and sustaining your business through field-tested growth strategies.


A pre-assessment (2 hours) will be conducted with C-level stakeholders. A growth “battle card” will be provided to all workshop attendees.

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