We Are Family: Uncovering Opportunities in the Same-Sex Parenting Market

Meaningful, data-driven insights on the exploding and lucrative same-sex parenting segment


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The number of children raised by same-sex couples is rapidly growing and set to increase by 60% over the next five years. Kompren estimates that child-related expenditures among US same-sex parents will exceed $7 billion by 2023. Marketers and brands should avoid "one-size-fits-all" and "check-the-box" approaches. To successfully compete, you must understand and effectively tailor messaging to same-sex parents.

Click here to see a webinar, led by the team at Kompren. They go through the proposal, critical background about the topic and their current hypotheses.


  • How are beliefs, values, and attitudes different between same-sex and heterosexual parents? Are there differences between male and female same-sex couples?
  • In what ways are societal shifts, media portrayals, and a greater acceptance of LGBT parenting influencing purchase behavior?
  • How do same-sex parents gather information to research products and brands? What factors are most important to them in their purchase journey and what drives consideration and purchase?
  • Which specific brands and companies stand out as positive examples of effective messaging? Which ones are not up to par?
  • Where are the most notable opportunities? Where do the opportunities lie for brands wishing to compete in this market?


Same-sex parenting is on the verge of a veritable baby boom.

Family constellations continue to evolve, but the fact that raising children is a significant investment remains unchanged. Indeed, Kompren estimates that the same-sex parenting segment will account for over $7 billion in annual child-related spend by 2023.

Brands and marketers hoping to successfully access and sell into this lucrative segment need to understand the unique values, attitudes, and motivations that guide purchase behavior. Those already targeting the LGBT community must avoid the pitfalls of viewing it monolithically.

This dual-phased study will provide meaningful and actionable insights on the messaging that resonates -- or falls flat. It will arm marketers with the context and intelligence to address:

• What are the differences and similarities in targeting same-sex and heterosexual parents?
• What are the nuances to consider in approaching this segment of the LGBT audience?
• Where and how do same-sex parents seek out information about products and services?
• What specific factors drive consideration and/or purchase?
• Where are the opportunities for growth?

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