Wearing Your Emotions: What Really Drives Apparel Buying

How fashion and apparel brands can discern, better understand -- and even predict -- the often irrational decisions consumers make when it comes to what they wear.


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Today’s retail environment is increasingly competitive, with consumers having more options than ever before. Successful brands recognize that the “experience” as a whole has a profound effect on consumers. But, what factors drive choice when it comes to apparel and fashion brands? Martec’s Emotion Intelligence helps brands get to the core of what really matters.


  • Build emotional profiles of apparel consumers who prefer to shop online versus in-store
  • Understand, as a retailer or a fashion brand, specific emotions that drive consumers toward preferred channels
  • Understand which emotions drive the most favorable experiences for shoppers both in-store and online and how they connect to rational benefits (fit, style, cost, etc.) with a given brand
  • Identify specific negative emotions/experiences that lead consumers to abandon brands
  • Unlock emotional drivers for customer loyalty to ensure effective marketing to your key consumer segments


Do you know why apparel shoppers make the retail and brand decisions they do? Martec’s proprietary Emotion Intelligence technology uncovers the often hidden emotions that drive choice in the apparel space. Get fresh insights on how to better target specific audiences and measure the results of your efforts.

This methodology is proven to help fashion and apparel brands discern how they can better understand, and even predict, the often irrational decisions consumers make when it comes to what they wear. These learnings bring brands one step closer to capturing share from competitors and becoming the next fashion "must."


Buy 3 Shares ($24,000) and Get:
• Separate Emotion Intelligence analysis of existing co-funder qualitative research to gain additional insights
• In-person half-day Emotion Intelligence workshop to get a deeper understand of EI results and work with the Martec team to formulate concrete strategies for your business
• A call to consult on study design prior to launch
• Optional follow-up call to discuss activating the results

Buy 2 Shares ($16,000) and Get:
• Personalized individual WebEx presentation
• A call to consult on study design prior to launch
• Follow-up call to discuss activating the results

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