What Really Happens in the Produce Aisle: Mobile Shop-Alongs

This study will uncover the true “in-the-moment” purchase decisions made in the produce aisle. You’ll learn the degree to which price and promotions, organic, non-GMO, appearance, displays or other variables impact the actual produce purchase. Watch this video to learn more: https://goo.gl/r46yuJ


Cooper Roberts Research, Inc.


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  • Are purchase drivers different in traditional vs. natural grocery stores vs. mass merchandisers?
  • Are Millennials behaving differently vs. older cohorts? Is their behavior consistent with their attitudes?
  • Quantify the in-the-moment decisions produce buyers make


Consumers are quick to tell us what’s important when purchasing fresh produce. But does their actual behavior mimic what they say? This large-scale quantitative study will equip you with the critical insights to influence produce buying channels.

This unique mobile shop-along design, leveraging geo-fencing technology, will capture what consumers are really doing in the produce aisle. You’ll learn if they stick to what they claim is important to them, while gaining rich insight into the purchase-decision tree, purchase barriers, and drivers. Because of this study's unprecedented scale, you'll learn if behavior differs by type of store and the generation of the consumer.

Become a co-sponsor of this important research and get input into the project now!

Watch this video to learn more: https://goo.gl/r46yuJ


Cooper Roberts will offer an in-person presentation for the first two co-sponsors. We’ll also look for and welcome questionnaire input from all sponsors pre-fielding.


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Tons of interest for this project! Please join Ken Roberts, the project lead, for a Webinar at 12pm ET on 12-12. Go to this URL (copy and paste in your browser to attend): https://collaborata.clickmeeting.com/what-really-happens-in-the-produce-aisle