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Kate Danaj

Joined March 2016

Partner at 747 Insights



Co-founder of 747 Insights, Kate has spent much of her 20-year career focused on understanding the youth space. As a marketing research consultant, Kate has helped hundreds of the world’s leading brands in their quest to make meaningful connections with young people.

While Kate is skilled across many sectors and types of research, she has a particular passion for in-depth qualitative research that help clients hone their understanding of their customers’ real and digital lives – their motivations, decisions, and journeys.

Kate recently returned to her boutique marketing-research roots by establishing her own youth-focused firm, 747 Insights with former colleague and youth expert, Michael Wood.

A mom of two teenaged sons, Kate is a fan of all things pop-cultural, particularly internet memes and Star Wars films. A Chicago native, Kate now resides in Southern California and is eternally grateful to live a mile from the beach. If she wasn’t in the research world, Kate would be pursuing her passion for karaoke and winning contests with her uncanny impressions of Cher.