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How It Works explains: How to Post a Project; How to Collaborate on a Project; How to Bid on a Project; and How to Earn Referral Bonuses. This page also explains How a Project Gets Priced; How “Revenue Overage” from Projects that Exceed Their Funding Goals Are Shared; and How to Get Projects Fully Funded.

FAQ lists more than 60 key questions. Click on a question, and you’ll see the answer.

Two more tools that you should know about, which are on the nav bar:

  • Dashboard: This is where you’ll see your current Referral Log of the bonuses you’re earning for successfully referring your professional network to fund projects. Your Collaborata Inbox is also here (it also has its own link on the nav bar), along with “quick links” to projects you’re following and projects you’ve co-funded.

  • My Account: Here’s where you’ll be able to update all of your key information, so that we can credit you or your organization (or send you a check) for referral bonuses and we can invoice you.

If your question isn’t answered in any of the above, or if you need any additional assistance, please email We’ll get back to you soon. Happy Collaborating!